#FromOneLine is a creative (writing) prompt I started back in 2019, where a single line is given as a prompt and writers are invited to take the line and run with it. The variety and diversity of writing that comes back from just one line is astounding.

I was asked recently if there was anywhere online to find all the previous FromOneLine prompts… and as there wasn’t, I figured I’d add a page here… please feel free to create using the prompts below and share your creations with the hashtag #FromOneLine. (Unless specified, the lines are donated by myself, megwaf – feel free to create / be inspired / and do with them as you wish!)

1. I have borrowed words from you

2. There was no way of telling

3. When the last shadows fell

4. It was left in plain sight

5. I hadn’t realised the time

6. There are noises in the garden

7. He should have done it by now

8. It wasn’t always like this

9. Her steps were slow and measured

10. It was heavier than expected

11. They left the light on

12. The stone was cold to touch

13. I forgot what it was

14. He turned back once again

15. The tiles were still wet

16. It was the last one

17. It was two days late

18. The fire had gone out

19. We all felt the earth move

20. I left the lid off

21. She circled the words

22. Have you had enough

23. it wasn’t obvious at first

24. There was nothing left

25. This one was different

26. What if I told you

27. There was blossom on the trees

28. she made a cup of tea

29. he opened his eyes just in time

30. the paint was almost dry

31. it was only one line

32. she thought the house was empty

33. “where have you been?” she asked

34. as soon as there was enough

35. The morning after told a different story

36. I never knew words were beautiful (this line was donated by Ozzy @OzzyWon1)

37. There was that noise again

38. “you do have a plan, don’t you?”

39. We decided to stay (donated by Monique @starfish_72)

40. I wrote my last note to you which read (donated by Rob Taylor @LairdOfTheHeart)

41. Don’t start with me (donated by Connie Biskamp @Cbiskamp)

42. My clock has no hands (donated by Daniel Cummings @DanielC55186873)

43. I wanted to tell you that (donated by ਮਸਕੀਨ @_childofpeace)

44. Had I remembered correctly

45. At the horizon (donated by Sahil_Vasudev @passerbysahil_)

46. After all this (donated by Luna @YourMoonliness)

47. Do you see me (donated by Daniel Cummings @DanielC55186873)

48. If I could, I would (donated by Nanak @nanakss_)

49. Let me put it this way

50. Whisper my name (donated by Dandelion Girl @moscowdandelion)

51. I knew there was hope when (donated by Mick @MrMick2021)

52. Every time I think of you (donated cypher @_childofpeace)

53. Swirling leaves of sage predicted (donated by Syreeta Muir @hungryghostpoet)

54. At the last moment (donated by Liz Kyfer @LizKyfer)

55. In the silence (donated by FrancesJAndrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

56. As I blinked I thought

57. How can you melt in the rain (donated by Daniel Cummings @DanielC55186873)

58. Keep it a secret (donated by Sahil_Vasudev @passerbysahil_)

59. While we were apart (donated by Pat @patrici30730227)

60. I was too empty for words

61. One hour left (donated by FrancesJAndrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

62. There is no sun today (donated by Kobayaashi @MrKobayaashi)

63. As if i needed a reason (donated by Luna @YourMoonliness)

64 . Living between rainbows (donated by Jaime Munn @jaimemmunn)

65. I’ve had enough

66. We look but rarely see (donated by Jenny O’G @drjenny88)

67. Somewhere in the future (donated by Sahil_Vasudev @passerbysahil_)

68. From this seed, I was born (donated by Daniel Cummings @DanielC55186873)

69. Why should we write (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

70. A half-hidden path (donated by FrancesJAndrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

71. There was nothing wise about it

72. The time I take (donated by Luna @YourMoonliness)

73. The door was left open

74. It was like getting mouldy raspberries (donated by FrancesJAndrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

75. Because of you (donated by A. Soft Breeze @LilBreezes)

76. Her face was on the wall (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

77. The price of humanity was (donated by Dawn Serbert @atreya2112)

78 . A light flickered (donated by FrancesJAndrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

79. Find me (donated by Luna @YourMoonliness)

80. That’s absurd (donated by Writer @WendysWriting22)

81. It was more purple than green (donated by @megwaf)

82. For precious minutes (donated by tuttysan @tuttysan)

83. Give me a reason (donated by Julia Ruth Smith @JuliaRuthSmith1)

84. It’s unlikely but not impossible (donated by Dawn Serbert @atreya2112)

85. In a sea of faces (donated by John Tannhauser @JohnTannhauser)

86. When the day ended (donated by Jaime @JamSt1977)

87. All the walls are waterfalls (donated by Will Walker @aaawws2)

88. At the bottom of the cup (donated by @megwaf)

89. I’m spitting venom (donated by Syreeta Muir @hungryghostpoet)

90. Where the vines tangle (donated by Tizzy @Tizzy69511862)

91. I have to stop now, she said (donated by @FrancesJAndrew1)

92. No toil without tears (donated by Darryl Lovie at KeeganSmith @DarrylLovie)

93. Behind the Invisible Door (donated by Devin Myles @devinmyles90)

94. She always had cakes in the oven (donated by Martin J Horton @Hortonious101)

95. And then came the first colour of autumn (donated by Noor Mahal @rubbishpoet)

96. Long lost but not forgotten (donated by Aneesha Shewani @felinemusings)

97. The quiet I usually crave (donated by Leena Mathew @leenasind)

98. A hairy hand gripped my shoulder (donated by Writer @WendysWriting22)

99. It was the day I forgot my phone (donated by FrancesJAndrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

100. A hundred bottles lined the shore (donated by Kobayaashi @MrKobayaashi)

101. The skies used to be full of birds (donated by @megwaf)

102. The skein unravels (donated by Herald Emeritus @VariedOpinions)

103. Don’t turn your back (donated by Tizzy @Tizzy69511862)

104. If I were a house (donated by Daniel Cummings @DanielC55186873)

105. It was a rainy day when I heard by (donated by Cheryl Scheffer@CherScheff)

106. When you’re small and happy – (donated by Sumitra’s daughter)

107. Tell me why the daisies sing (donated by Jenny O’G @drjenny88 )

108. It was a box, for memories they said (donated by @FrancesJAndrew1)

109. She always cut their sandwiches into triangles (donated by Martin J Horton @Hortonious101)

110. Something inside me tightened like a fist (donated by Leena Mathew @leenasin)

111. If you’ll step this way (donated by Sumitra @pleomorphic2)

112. How am I supposed to do this? (donated by @megwaf)

113. The last thing on my mind (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

114. In a world without wars (donated by mnm @mnmpoetry)

115. Pleasantries were exchanged (donated by Aman_and_art @amanandart)

116. How tall is the grass (donated by Elisa Dominique @twitnikki)

117. The fireball caught (donated by Carl Ripley Locke @CarlRipleyLocke)

118. Why have you phoned? (donated by Seema Bokkasam @BokkasamSeema)

October 28th to November 23rd 2021 saw our first FromOneLine Special : Lines From The Dead 💀 : featuring lines taken from dead authors, as we celebrate and give thanks to those who came before us. (Click on the title links to read the full text).

💀 LinesFromTheDead No.1 : All at once the wolves began to howl – from Bram Stoker’s Dracula

💀 LinesFromTheDead No.2 : I don’t like our room a bit – from The Yellow Wallpaper By Charlotte Perkins Gilman

💀 LinesFromTheDead No.3 : The envelope was covered with mud and unstamped – from The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 4 : We placed his remains under a cypress – from The Last Man by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 5 : And then, for a moment, all is still – from The Masque of The Red Death by Edgar Allan poe

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 6 : She had come back from burying the dead – from Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale-Hurston

💀 LinesFromTheDead No. 7 : I have lost all my relations, and most of my friends – from The Old English Baron by Clara Reeve

119. Everyone wore a hat (donated byFrances J Andrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

120. If I were your jukebox (donated by Gdidd @gnelson19561)

121. What colors do you see (donated Daniel Cummings @DanielC55186873)

122. The ball rolled into the undergrowth (donated Martin J Horton @Hortonious101)

123. I thought I’d survive without you (donated by máskeen @kneeksam)

124. In the darkness of daylight (donated by lover not a fighter (Luci) @lover__poetic)

125. What had happened was (donated by Elisa Dominique @twitnikki)

126. The melodies that play in my head (donated by Cheryl Scheffer@CherScheff)

127. You’re like a sponge, he said (donated by @FrancesJAndrew1)

128. Only one more (donated by @megwaf)

129. The day I was caught : (donated by Asha Chauhan @AshaChauhanT)

130. I never thought it strange before (donated by Kobayaashi @MrKobayaashi)

131. If on a winter’s night a traveller (donatedby Ess Bee @EssBee_Alias)

132. An owl eyed child – (donated by Tizzy @Tizzy69511862)

133. The shells crunched underfoot (donated by @FrancesJAndrew1)

134. if I rise before the sorrow (donated by Jenny O’G @drjenny88)

135. The shadow seeped over the wall (donated by Devin Myles @devinmyles90)

136. I am too lazy to sleep (donated by 𝔑𝔦𝔰𝔥𝔞 𝔗𝔞𝔩𝔯𝔢𝔧𝔞 @nishtunishaa)

137. It started on a Sunday (donated by Eric Daniel Clarke @EDC_Writing)

138. Lend me your voice (donated by Noor Mahal @rubbishpoet)

139. I remember the day when I met you (donated Martin J Horton @Hortonious101)

140. There is a crack on the wall (donated by Kobayaashi @MrKobayaashi)

141. As one year rolls into another (donated by John (jd) @JdeXpressions)

142. The dead walked the moon (donated by Carl Ripley Locke @CarlRipleyLocke)

143. I ran towards the melodic humming (donated by Fizzy @FizzyTwizler)

144. My hand closed over the handle (donated by Isabella du Lac @IsabelladuLac1)

145. This is not my bed (donated by Rustybonz @Rustybonz3)

146. Those who leave with words unsaid (donated by Ashu @sentientones)

147. With a thrill of recognition (donated by Liz Kyfer @LizKyfer)

148. I am not sure which came first (donated by Alla @allailen)

149. It just wasn’t enough (donated by Wendy Aldwyn @artist_wen)

• Collaboration with MoveMePoetry for #MMPoetryBattle : FromOneLine provided the prompt line : I have a hunger

150. A summit of angels (donated by Monique @starfish_72)

151. The water chilled her (donated by @FrancesJAndrew1)

152. The box outside my door (donated by Elizabeth Belt @elibisme)

153. I knew it was time (donated by Castle Wallace @wallaceconquers)

154. She peeked out from under the covers (donated by Karen Cerio @KCerioAuthor)

155. A butterfly in the classroom (donated by mnm @mnmpoetry)

156. They used to hold hands (donated by Carly @Carla41782062)

157. There was nothing before (donated by Erotic Fantasies @Eroticismfan)

158. In a cave of trees (donated by lover not a fighter (Luci) @lover__poetic)

159. Just a letter, lying there (donated by Frances J Andrew @FrancesJAndrew1)

160. A spoonful of dreams (donated by 𝕽𝖆𝖘𝖍𝖒𝖎 @Wildflower2107)

161. They did not have a clue (donated by Wendy Aldwyn @artist_wen)

162. Help me if you can (donated by Natasha Faith @lovelifenow25)

163. After the storm (donated by Alla @allailen)

164. The birds on my grave (donated by mnm @mnmpoetry)

165. There could be no other (donated by anon)

166. Opening the door I saw (donated by Seema Bokkasam @BokkasamSeema)

167. A bit of afternoon rain (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

168. Well, it’s done now (donated by @EDC_Writing)

169. It took time to open (donated by FrancesJMacGregor @F_J_MacGregor)

170. For what it’s worth (donated by Isabella du Lac @IsabelladuLac1)

171. I tripped over (donated by Wendy Aldwyn @artist_wen)

172. All the Mondays together (donated by mnm @mnmpoetry)

173. On the edge (donated by Alla @allailen)

174. It wasn’t the right key (donated by @megwaf)

175. Make sure you clear up (donated by @EDC_Writing)

176. The morning air felt still (donated by @F_J_MacGregor)

177. You never say my name (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

178. It always feels like home (donated by Vasiliki Petroudi @VPetroudi)

179. The scent absorbed me (donated by Jenny O’G @drjenny88)

180. Little eyes could see (donated by megwaf)

181. It was on the table (donated by @F_J_MacGregor)

182. I’ve something in my pocket (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

183. Let’s go back to the caves (donated by @mnmpoetry)

184. I’m not one of those (donated by Alla @allailen)

185. What is your modus operandi (donated by @AShamansDream)

186. It can happen at any time (donated by megwaf)

187. Let me tell you this (donated by @lovelifenow25)

188. I was three steps away (donated by @F_J_MacGregor)

189. Crumpled papers lie (donated by @lover__poetic)

190. The spiders inside her (donated by яов @HangryPoet197)

191. I was alarmed to wake up (mnm @mnmpoetry)

192. She wore feathers in her hair (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

193. He never really felt like he belonged (Wendy Aldwyn @artist_wen)

194. Embed every aspect (donated by Jenny O’G @drjenny88)

195. We thought we had time (donated by Julie @ForgottenBeauty)

196. She let me waiting (donated by sentinel @vssmoon)

197. One day we’ll meet (donated by Vasiliki Petroudi @VPetroudi)

198. Silent love letters (donated by @starfish_72)

199. I woke to the sound of singing (donated by @F_J_MacGregor)

200. When the sky stopped moving (donated by @lover__poetic)

201. It was found at the edge (donated by @Hermiteveryday)

202. We tiptoed around it (donated by @Gdidd)

203. A voice from somewhere asked (donated by @twitnikki)

204. It was about time (donated by @megwaf)

205. I climbed the fever tree (donated by @ForgottenBeauty)

206. If this day should never end (donated by MrKobayaashi)

207. Do not haunt (donated by @drjenny88)

208. The rain never stopped (donated by @mnmpoetry)

209. With eyes like diamonds (donated by @HangryPoet197)

210.She typed the words ‘For sale…’ (donated by @F_J_MacGregor)

211. I was just contemplating the world (donated by Noor Mahal)

212. Old bones hold memory (donated by @ForgottenBeauty)

213. I found it on the floor broken (donated by @gnelson19561)

214. Nobody could have known (donated by @megwaf)

215. Along the edge of clouds (donated by @lover__poetic)

216. I tore the sky apart (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

217. It was too hot to think (donated by the weather!)

218. I traced the rough edges (donated by @DiotimaDreams)

219. The night we met (donated by @PeyStormAuthor)

220. I suppose the problem is (donated by @F_J_MacGregor)

221. Self destruction is an art (donated by @ForgottenBeauty)

222. If I could count (donated by @fhaedra)

223. Linger a little longer (donated by @HangryPoet197)

224. Finally, it stopped (donated by @RandyGrafCanada)

225. The way back was lost (donated by @ElanWriter)

226. They only come out at night (donated by @smcgillis248)

227. On the wall by the stairs (donated by FrancesJMacGregor @F_J_MacGregor)

228. I came from the earth (donated by @ForgottenBeauty)

229. There are corners in my room (donated by @MrKobayaashi)

230. It was hiding in my dreams (donated by @GDidd)

231. I am the shadow (donated by @EssBee_Alias)


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